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Patients who are looking for top-of-the-line general, cosmetic and restorative dental work only need to look at Drs. Davis, and Guerre at their practice, Cosmetic Dental Associates. These doctors have received rave review after review from grateful patients due to the outstanding results they can achieve. Our patients love to freely express their appreciation of our practice, so they continuously write patient reviews, attesting to our one-of-a-kind practice. While you’re in the market for superior dentistry, we suggest that you read through our patient feedback to see why Cosmetic Dental Associates is in a class of its own.

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Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Jan 01, 2016

Dr Davis receives my highest recommendation to those looking for a dental care professional along with the appropriate high standards of customer focus. He is acutely aware of peoples busy lives and does everything under his control to provide quality service in the most courteous and efficient manner possible . In 15 years I cannot long waits or "do-overs". Given this...I am surprised one can find space to parK! About Front Desk: Many a medical practice should send their folks over Dr Davis practice to see how it is supposed to be done! My Experience: Crown. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 15 years. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 28, 2015

Crown replacement. No pain, professional office, friendly and competent staff. I would recommend the good doctor to anyone wanting quality workmanship About Front Desk: professional friendly and accomodating My Experience: Crown done in two week process with lab. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 1 month. More

Review from J.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 12, 2015

Been a patient of Dr. Spiker Davis for nearly 13 yrs now. It's been a terrific experience, and I would highly recommend Cosmetic Dental Associates to my friends and colleagues. I have had many cleanings and exams performed, and they've all been pleasant. The appointment system, to the personable front desk staff, the inviting waiting room which I rarely get to enjoy, state-of-the-art facility, friendly hygienists.......makes for a unique experience. Hey...its fun to go to the Dentist again folks !!!!....Run, don't walk over there. About Hygienist: Cleaning Time: 30 minutes. My Experience: Exam & Consultation, X-Rays done in 30min. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 13yrs. More

Review from D.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 07, 2015

I have been to other dentists and have found Cosmetic Dental Associates and Dr. Davis the best to be found. Hygienist Rating: My Experience: Cleaning done in less than an hour. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 20 years or more. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 07, 2015

Very nice facility and staff, state-of- the art equipment. I needed a crown replaced that another dentist had done. I was very happy with the results. Spiker uses the the best produces available and I was out of there in good time with far better crown. About Hygienist: good job. It is time to go back. My Experience: Crown done in not long. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 10 years. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 21, 2014

I have been seeing Dr. Davis for years and his facilities and office staff are top notch. I recommend him to friends and associates as his services exceed your expectations. He has the "WOW Factor" among all dentists in the area. Marek Menger More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 20, 2014

I had 8 porcelain veneers done by Drs. David and Riley. Everything was very professional from beginning to end. This was an all around great experience, with great front and back office staff. I would definitely recommend this dentist to others. About Hygienist: N/A About Front Desk: Everyone was very friendly and helpful. from scheduling to insurance information. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 6 months. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 16, 2014

Dr Davis, Dr Riley, &their professional staff! AWESOME!!!My recent visit wasinformative, i was given several options, for my future dentistry needs.Their advice is Professional,Practical, &Pleasurable. More

Review from J.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Apr 23, 2014

My former dentist retired about five years ago and since that time I had not seen any dentists. In February of 2013 I was munching on some homemade popcorn when I bit down on an uncooked kernel. At the time I suffered a great deal of pain in the upper and lower jaw. I knew I needed to find a dentist quickly. After searching the net I found Dr. Davis. There were hundreds of reviews with an rating average of 5 stars. I was looking for an experienced dentist and I definitely got one. Dr. Davis's resume is extensive going back to the 70s. The news was not good. Over the years fillings on numerous teeth had dropped out exposing deep holes. Not only that, two gold crowns had holes in them as well. I would say every other tooth had a problem. I had noticed a sandy substance from time to time, always wondered what it was. Turns out it was the composite material in the fillings that I received when I was a teenager. Years ago I had been replacing the rear molars one at a time. Now many front teeth had problems as well Sensodyne toothpaste was my best friend and disguised the many tooth problems that I didn't want to recognize. I soon learned that matching the original teeth with new crowns would be a perpetual challenge. I bought some tooth whitener from the local drugstore and began to experiment.. It performed poorly. Later on I got the dental grade 44% carbide peroxide from eBay. This was much more powerful and I learned if you were not absolutely precise with the trays, it was easy to burn your gums. Whitening effect was better, but still not enough. My original plan was to go with zirconia crowns one at a time and use the bleaching agent to whiten my natural teeth. I practiced with the powerful stuff for a couple weeks and never could bleach my natural teeth to the whiteness that I desired. So I was faced with a crucial decision. Would I be in front of a mirror for the rest of my life trying to match my natural teeth to the desirable white crowns? Would I forget about the bleaching and have yellowish crowns put in to match my natural teeth? Thinking about it now I can see that none of this would really work without replacing the old crowns that were several shades of white downscale from any of my desires. Those would have to be replaced as well as my original teeth with holes and what few teeth I had without holes. Bottom line, replace everything that shows! In that there were so many tooth problems and the bleaching in my case would be a never-ending nightmare, I decided to go with zirconia crowns 10 on top and 10 on the bottom. It was not an easy decision but once it was executed I never looked back. I learn very quickly that there were some parameters that needed to be set that included more than just color. Tooth tapering, that is how rounded the corners of the teeth are as well as the actual spacing between the teeth. I have always been one for detail and Dr. Davis accommodated me on every level. He had photos showing exactly what my future teeth would look like and he explained the process in detail. The big hitch in all of this was when he told me he usually works on a mouthful of teeth, at least 10 or so at a time when cosmetic dentistry is involved. Quite frankly I was just short of being terrified but tried not to show it. Could not imagine four hours in a dental chair. Turns out that my fears were totally unwarranted. When it came down to the first big operation, 10 on top, Nicole, Dr. Davis's assistant sensed my nervousness and answered all of my questions thoroughly. She is definitely a sharp cookie, experienced and beautiful as well. Four hours may sound like a long time but when under the influence of nitrous oxide, time goes by pretty quickly. I never had been more relaxed in all of my life. Incredibly it turned out to be almost a fun experience! Honestly I don't think you can go wrong using the Davis Nicole dental team. It was all very professional, very focused, but at the same time it is all done in a low stress, almost jovial way. During the entire process including the bottom 10, there were bite adjustments at regular intervals. Usually one week was the time I was given to evaluate what teeth were matching which were not. This is a good thing. Made things more accurate. Dr. Davis is precise, patient, and will do whatever it takes to make for a great fit. He has earned my trust! About bleeding gum's: For years I had gum problems. The worst was on the lower jaw at one of the incisors. It used to bleed all the time whether I flossed or not. One other spot had similar problems but to a lesser degree. My former dentist was concerned that I might have gum disease. Just before replacing the lower 10, I looked at my bleeding gums and noticed something I had not been aware of before. The bleeding gum was adjacent to a metal infused crown that was now well over 20 years old. I can tell you as soon as the temporary crowns were installed in the lower jaw, it was a matter of days when all the bleeding ceased. So I guess some people are sensitive to the metal infused crowns. The other problem spot cured itself too. It makes one wonder how many people think they have gum disease and that is not the case. Forgot to mention I had a small front tooth on the lower jaw that had grown outward at a 45? angle since I was a child. He fixed that too. Now that it is done, how do they look? My first words when it was all coming together were " This is spiritually uplifting!". They're beautiful, all super white!, So cool! Hygienist Rating: Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 14 months. More

Review from U.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Jan 12, 2014

Spiker and his staff are great, they are all friendly and caring! His office and facilities are top notch. I have been very satisfied with the work he has done for me and my family. Hygienist Rating: Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 15 years. More

Review from T.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Jan 10, 2014

I have had extensive work done including fillings, veneers, crowns and a full bridge. All pain free. Hygienist Rating: Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 40 yrs. More

Review from A.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Jan 10, 2014

Spiker has been my dentist since I was 7 years old (32 years now). I don't live in Houston anymore and have tried other dentists in other cities and keep coming back to Spiker after others have botched treatments or tried to talk me into unneeded fillings and other procedures. He's cost-effective, cautiously conservative on treatment, uses cutting edge technology, and has kept my teeth in excellent shape (I consistently receive positive feedback on them.) I highly recommend him! Hygienist Rating: About Front Desk: Everyone at Spiker's office is fantastic! Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 32 years. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Jan 09, 2014

This is the best dentist and dental office I have ever been to. I am a completely satisfied patient. Dr. Davis has state of the art equipment and facilities. His staff is courteous, professional and timely. About Hygienist: Cleaning Time: 30 minutes. Fast, easy and painless. Always on time. About Front Desk: Very friendly, helpful and professional Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 35 YEARS. More

Review from 1.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Jan 09, 2014

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Texas! I've gone to Cosmetic Dental Associates for 15+ years and have had a great experience. Dr Davis and his staff are friendly and the most talented in their field. The office and facilities are superb. And the results are great... i am like my smile. If you are considering your first visit, GO! You won't be disappointed. About Hygienist: The hygienists are great... super friendly... comfortable... do a great job. Always look forward to seeing the friendly staff. About Front Desk: Front desk staff is also great... super friendly... very accommodating... our kids also love seeing them. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 15+ Years. More

Review from R.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Jan 08, 2013

Spiker Davis was THE most professional dentist I've have ever been to. His office and staff were so far beyond other dentists that it was like night and day. My recent visit at his brand new state of the art office was incredible. The thing that stuck out the most was that it was so relaxing and peaceful during my appointment. Everything was brand new and incredibly clean. About Hygienist: Cleaning Time: 15 minutes. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 16 years. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Nov 17, 2012

Dr. Davis is an excellent dentist! He is very thorough and professional. About Hygienist: Cleaning Time: 45 minutes. Perfect Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 15. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 17, 2012

I love Dr. Davis and his staff. Everyone is friendly happy and helpful. Offices like this are all about their patients and doing what they love to do. The only reason I don't have complete success listed above is because I'm in the middle of current treatment. I love NIcole... Dr. Davis' assistant... About Hygienist: Great Hygenists too -- love Kelly. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 7 years. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 16, 2012

been using spiker for a long time. crowns to implants. minimal pain and always on time which is big for me. easy to set appointments and change if need be. i have major tartar build up so tough to clean but she is but careful Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 18+ years. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 15, 2012

Their goal is to ensure your teeth remain healthy and go to great effort to help you to maintain your original teeth. Scheduling an appointment is easy and if you have an emergency issue they work hard to see you ASAP. The highest of recommendations to schedule your visit with Dr Davis. About Hygienist: Very professional and work hard to ensure your visit is comfortable. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 18+ years. More

Review from A.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 12, 2012

I always recommend Dr. Davis and his friendly staff to my friends and family who are looking for a dentist. He is outstanding. He recently replaced two very old fillings for me. The procedure was painless, and I haven't had any trouble at all. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 6 years. More

Review from R.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 12, 2012

Dr. Davis has treated my every dental need, except my implants. He is always ahead of the curve in terms of latest technology and equipment, and the human touch provided by him and his staff is just the best. He never fails to follow up with me after treatment, and being a difficult dental patient I have required after hours, holidays and much hand holding treatment to successfully get through some potentially horrible dental experiences, all of which Dr. Davis has been there for me. His staff provides professional emergency care as well. I have recommended Dr. Davis to others who are now long term patients like myself. Hard to find a dentist who you don't mind having an appointment with like the Dr. Spiker Davis staff. About Hygienist: The Hygienists at Dr. Davis' office have always been pleasant, friendly and good at their job. They understand the patients' situation, yet manage to complete their job of making the patients' teeth healthier and looking better while being gentle about it. Always feel better about my teeth when I leave! Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 30+ years. More

Review from E.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 12, 2012

I first came to know Dr. Davis when he did my veneers. My favorite part is two fold: 1) My teeth look absolutely fabulous; and 2) He did not grind my teeth very much at all as most dentists are want to do. I then made Dr. Davis my general dentist in addition to replacing an old filling. This is also where I have my general cleanings. The team is up-to-date on all of the newest technologies, procedures and equipment. I highly recommend Dr. David to everyone. About Hygienist: Nicole and the entire team make you feel extremely comfortable from the moment you walk in the door and throughout the entire visit. They are extremely knowledgeable and experts in their area. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 5 years. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 11, 2012

Dr. Davis has been my dental care provider since the mid nineties, for some 15 years. I have had 8 veneers put on that have been without any problems and they still look like they did when I first got them approximately 12 years ago! I recommend Dr. Davis in every regard. He confers with you as a friend or family member would, with no pressure to do anything without thinking through every aspect of your available options, while educating you as to all aspects of an array of choices. His staff has always been extremely professional and knowledgeable as well. I cannot ever recall waiting more than a few minutes for my appointment. About Hygienist: Cindy, Nicole and all other staff members at Dr. Davis' office are the greatest! They are knowledgeable, professional, courteous, personable, and a pleasure to interact with. They actually make a trip to the dentist office something to look forward to on your calendar. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 15 years. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 11, 2012

No one better. Dr. Davis sets the example of great, friendly service and the staff is even better. Highly recommend. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 7 yeats. More

Review from P.  |  Source: Dr. Oogle  |  Oct 11, 2012

As a person who is generally not a fan of going to the dentist (and not one with perfect teeth), Dr. Davis goes out of his way to make sure that I am comfortable, know what is happening and what to expect. I value and trust his opinion about treatment options, and he has shown on a number of occassions that increasing his billings is not his primary goal. I would recommend Dr. Davis with the highest possible enthusiasm. Treatment Length with Dr. Davis: 1 year. More

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