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Welcome to Cosmetic Dental Associates

Welcome to Cosmetic Dental Associates! Come on in and take a look around!

Welcome to Cosmetic Dental Associates. I'm Dr. Spiker Davis. Come on in. This is our consult room. This is a little mini waiting room. This is where we check out, and as we go down the hall we can see our treatment rooms. We have a place here where you get your teeth cleaned, and a second place where you get your teeth cleaned. Then we have one of my treatment rooms with a couch so you can have your spouse with you if you'd like.

As we go down the hall, we have our digital X-ray suite, where we can take all kinds of digital X-rays. We have our medical-grade sterilization area. We have another treatment room with a couch, and we have another treatment room down here. We have a treatment room there. We have our dental laboratory. Come on down to my office.

My number one goal when I graduated from dental school was to be the best dentist you've ever been to. That's still my number one goal, but today I like to focus on the cosmetic side of making you look good and smile and be happy when you smile, but I also like to work on the function. I want to make sure that you can kiss and talk and eat and chew and do all the things that teeth do. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my wife, with my three daughters, and with my 10 grandkids.