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Porcelain Veneers Vs. Other Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Although professional teeth whitening techniques and regular dental cleanings brighten your smile, they may not work as a long-term solution. At Cosmetic Dental Associates in Houston, TX, we offer porcelain veneers that look and feel just like natural teeth. Veneers are thin, stain-resistant shells that are attached to the front of the teeth for the purpose of improving their appearance. Veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure performed by dentists across the country. 

It’s normal for people to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their smile due to discolored or misshapen teeth. For example, patients with smaller-than-usual teeth, also known as microdontia, may opt for dental veneers to make their teeth appear wider and better proportioned. For Houston-area men and women with other dental issues, such as teeth that are chipped or misaligned, veneers can also be an excellent solution. To learn more, we encourage you to reach out today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Spiker Davis or Dr. Matt Guerre at Cosmetic Dental Associates. 

The many benefits of veneers

Veneers are a permanent way to change the structure of your teeth to make them look more attractive. At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we will help you weigh the pros and cons of veneers before making a decision. When you’re ready to boost your self-confidence and enjoy the aesthetic results, we’re here to help. Reap the benefits of dental veneers for these concerns: 

  • Broken or chipped teeth: Even minor chips can make your teeth appear uneven or jagged. Veneers make your smile more proportionate. 
  • Damaged enamel: Your natural enamel may be damaged from aggressive brushing or highly acidic food and drinks. Veneers are an excellent treatment for enamel erosion.
  • Stained teeth: Yellow or gray discoloration can be caused by food or beverages such as wine or coffee. Veneers are custom-colored to meet your desired brightness. 
  • Misshapen teeth: This includes genetic anomalies such as oddly shaped or abnormally small teeth. Veneers enhance the overall shape, size, and length of the teeth. 
  • Slightly crooked teeth: In some cases, patients can bypass orthodontic solutions and use veneers to create a straighter, more uniform appearance. 
  • Gapped teeth: Small gaps and spaces can impact the overall appearance of the smile. Veneers can help close the spaces by filling in the open areas. 

Good candidates for custom veneers

The first step toward a rejuvenated smile begins with a private dental consultation with Dr. Davis or Dr. Guerre at Cosmetic Dental Associates. Our skilled professionals will go over the benefits of receiving porcelain veneers and explain the process to you. We encourage patients to bring up any questions or concerns they have about getting veneers. Before the veneer procedure, you’ll receive a dental examination with x-rays to give your dentist a good understanding of your overall oral health. Veneers and other dental restorations require that the teeth and gums are free of infection or decay, so any oral disease will need to be addressed before moving forward. Men and women with bruxism, or who frequently clench and grind their teeth, are poor candidates for veneers since this action could damage the porcelain. 

Application of veneers

At your initial appointment, Cosmetic Dental Associates will remove some of the natural tooth enamel to prepare for the dental veneers. This creates a comfortable space for the veneers to be placed. Next, our staff will take digital impressions and photographs to be sent to the laboratory where the veneers will be fabricated. Once they are ready, patients return to our clinic for a second visit. The veneers are permanently bonded to the teeth using a strong and long-lasting bonding agent. They’re often placed in pairs or from canine-to-canine for the best results. Our dentists offer custom color-matching to make sure the veneers are the perfect shade for your smile. 

Veneer aftercare and what to expect

The process of getting porcelain veneers generally results in minimal discomfort, as Cosmetic Dental Associates may numb the treatment area prior to the procedure. At home, you may experience some sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, but this sensitivity should dissipate within 1 – 2 weeks. We will schedule a follow-up appointment at our Houston, TX, facility to make sure your teeth are responding well to the cosmetic restorations. 

Porcelain veneers should be cleaned just like normal teeth, which means brushing and flossing are essential to daily care. It is also important to attend routine dental examinations and cleanings twice per year to reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque. We suggest you avoid chewing hard food and objects such as hard candy, ice, or pens, as this could damage the veneers. Although stain-resistant, we also recommend staying away from stain-causing food and drinks such as coffee, wine, or tea. With the right care, veneers can last up to 10 years.


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