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How to Know if Cosmetic Dentistry Is the Right Option for Your Smile

Are your teeth crooked? Do you have tiny chips or cracks in your teeth that cause you to feel embarrassed over your smile? Are your teeth stained or not quite as bright white as you’d like? If so, you may want to consider cosmetic dentistry treatments. These procedures are designed specifically to improve the appearance of your teeth and give you a stunning smile.

Teeth that are chipped, crooked, missing, yellowed, or stained often can be improved with cosmetic dental treatments. In many cases, gaps between teeth can be closed and the appearance of worn and misshapen teeth may be corrected to help the mouth look and feel healthier. With a smile makeover, which is a collection of one or more cosmetic dental treatments, several conditions that impact the smile can be addressed and repaired simultaneously.

A variety of highly customizable cosmetic dentistry procedures are performed by the talented team at Cosmetic Dental Associates in Houston, TX. Expert dentists Dr. Spiker Davis and Dr. Matt Guerre work closely with patients to determine the treatments that are best-suited to restore the appearance of the teeth and create a beautifully balanced smile. With a new-and-improved grin, patients may experience a substantial boost in self-confidence along with better oral health. Read on to learn the specifics about cosmetic dentistry treatments and discover how they might benefit you.

Why choose cosmetic dentistry?

If you’re displeased with the appearance of your smile, you may be uncomfortable when interacting with others or even shield your mouth while speaking and laughing. This can be problematic, especially if your job requires you to be in the spotlight or hold face-to-face meetings with clients. When your teeth are misaligned, damaged, or heavily stained, you may find yourself stymied when it comes to making new social connections. Cosmetic dentistry treatments, however, can make it possible to attain a healthy-looking, attractive smile so that you can feel more confident when you interact with others.

Dr. Davis and Dr. Guerre of Cosmetic Dental Associates in Houston, TX, are delighted to offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments to boost the quality of your smile.

Dental veneers

Teeth that are cracked, stained, surrounded by small gaps, or slightly crooked often can be camouflaged with porcelain dental veneers. These thin, tooth-colored shells are durable and closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth. To place porcelain veneers, a small amount of enamel is removed from the surfaces of teeth to accommodate these cosmetic restorations. Digital or physical impressions of the teeth are made and used to sculpt the veneers from high-quality porcelain. Once finished, the long-lasting veneers are bonded to the front of natural teeth.

The team at Cosmetic Dental Associates is also pleased to offer custom-crafted Lumineers®. These restorations are thinner than traditional veneers and typically do not require the removal of natural tooth structure to receive them. Lumineers bring a highly cosmetic appeal to the smile and can last up to ten years or longer when they receive proper care.


You’re never too old to have a straight, beautiful smile. Even if you had traditional metal braces as a teen, your teeth may have shifted over the years. Dr. Spiker and Dr. Guerre can evaluate your teeth and determine whether you’re a candidate for Invisalign. With this advanced orthodontic approach, several sets of custom-made, clear plastic aligners are made by a special lab to incrementally reposition the teeth. Worn nearly around-the-clock, each set of clear aligners is designed differently to apply pressure to your upper and lower teeth, moving them slowly and precisely toward proper alignment. As a highly convenient teeth straightening option, Invisalign aligners can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. Because they are clear, treatment is discreet and often can be completed in about half the time of conventional braces.

Teeth whitening

If you’d like to dramatically boost the brightness of your teeth, professional teeth whitening treatments may be a great choice for your smile. Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dentistry option that works to remove stains caused by drinking coffee, eating berries, sipping red wine, and smoking, among other life activities. When performed at Cosmetic Dental Associates in Houston, TX, Zoom! whitening procedures can make teeth appear up to eight shades brighter in less than an hour. This teeth whitening procedure works through a special whitening gel that is painted onto the enamel and activated with a UV light that helps lift away stains from within the teeth. To keep your teeth sparkling and bright after an in-office whitening procedure, at-home touch-up kits are available to help maintain your results.

Dental implants

When one or more teeth are missing, it can be embarrassing. But tooth loss is a condition that also makes normal tasks like chewing a challenge. Dental implants are an option for restoring functionality and improving the quality of the smile when natural teeth have been lost or extracted. An implant consists of a custom-made prosthetic tooth (or crown) that is affixed atop a strong metal post or screw. Implants are placed in the bone and integrate with the jaw to act as permanent artificial teeth. When used as part of a dental bridge or denture solution, dental implants can replace several teeth at once.

Long-lasting, durable dental implants look, function, and are cared for the same as natural teeth. Because implants are secured in the gums and jaw, they don’t slip or move around like traditional dentures. Implants are the only dental restoration option that promotes future bone growth while also preserving the health of the jawbone.

Dental bonding and contouring

When teeth are discolored or feature small cracks and chips as a result of injury, noninvasive dental bonding may be able to improve their appearance. A durable, tooth-colored resin material that matches the color of your other teeth is applied to the tooth and hardened with the help of a special light. Once securely attached to the tooth, the bonding is expertly shaped so that it appears natural and polished to further create a smooth, seamless feel. Dental contouring is routinely paired with dental bonding. This simple procedure is convenient for correcting teeth that are uneven, chipped, or slightly misshapen. By gently buffing the tooth structure, pits, chips, worn edges, and other minor cosmetic issues can be improved.

Is cosmetic dentistry for you?

If there are aspects of your smile that you wish to improve, cosmetic dentistry can help. Skilled dentists Dr. Davis and Dr. Guerre at Cosmetic Dental Associates in Houston, TX offer an array of services for improving smile aesthetics, from brightening stained teeth and reshaping chipped or worn edges to replacing teeth that are missing. We invite you to schedule an appointment with our team today and discover how you can attain a truly gorgeous grin.

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