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Four Reasons to Choose Cosmetic Dental Bonding to Repair Your Smile

Dental imperfections can detract from the appearance of your smile. Thanks to the advancements in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dental bonding is an effective treatment that allows patients to improve or restore their smile. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can conceal imperfections such as uneven teeth, cracks, chips, gaps, or stains. Cosmetic dental bonding uses a composite resin that is applied to the surface of the tooth that matches the color of the existing teeth. After the resin is applied, it is cured with a UV light. The tooth is then shaped and contoured, and the resin is polished for a natural look.

If you’re looking for a quick, affordable, and effective option for smile repair, Dr. Spiker Davis and Dr. Matt Guerre at Cosmetic Dental Associates in Houston, TX can help. Dental bonding can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with other cosmetic dentistry procedures during a smile makeover. To determine if cosmetic dental bonding is right for you, we will conduct a full dental exam. Still unsure if this is the right cosmetic dentistry procedure for you? Here are four reasons to consider dental bonding to repair your smile:

1. Dental bonding offers quick results

Since the procedure is relatively fast, dental bonding allows Houston-area patients to improve their smile quickly. Bonding can generally be completed in just one office visit.

2. It’s a noninvasive option

Dental bonding allows you the time to determine if you are interested in more advanced restorations such as dental implants or dental crowns in the future. In the meantime, cosmetic dental bonding requires minimal preparation. Dr. Davis or Dr. Guerre will scrape away a portion of the surface of the tooth being treated, and this rough texture allows the bonding material to adhere more effectively.

3. Bonding is affordable

Dental bonding is much more affordable than other restorative procedures such as crowns or implants, most likely because it is less invasive. The simplicity of the process is part of what makes it so budget-friendly, and no anesthesia is needed.

4. It provides natural-looking results

Dental composite material looks and feels like a natural tooth. Patients in Houston, TX can chew and bite normally after they’ve had cosmetic dental bonding.

How long does cosmetic dental bonding last?

While it is an affordable and noninvasive way to address minor dental flaws, it may not last as long as other restorative procedures. However, dental bonding can last up to ten years. The composite resin used in bonding is more prone to staining than other materials, which means that individuals with dental bonding should limit coffee and tea drinking, refrain from smoking, and practice good daily oral hygiene.

Who is a good candidate for dental bonding?

The first step in determining if a patient is a candidate for cosmetic dental bonding is for Dr. Davis or Dr. Guerre to assess their oral and dental health. We are committed to providing superior dental care by evaluating a patient’s dental status during their initial appointment. If any dental problems are detected, such as infection, gum disease, or tooth decay, we will treat these issues before performing dental bonding.

Combining dental bonding and contouring

Paired with dental bonding, contouring (also called tooth reshaping) is an approach to correcting uneven, chipped, or poorly aligned teeth. This noninvasive procedure buffs and smooths out worn edges of teeth and other small cosmetic problems. When a patient’s teeth overlap slightly, they can benefit from this procedure to improve overall oral health. This is because smoother edges help to prevent plaque and tartar buildup in these areas, which could lead to tooth decay and cavities. You can reduce your risk of decay and gum disease with dental bonding and contouring.

How much does dental bonding cost?

Dental bonding is a much less expensive treatment compared to alternatives such as veneers or crowns. When it comes to improving the appearance of your teeth and smile in Houston, bonding is effective as well as easy on your budget.

Contact Cosmetic Dental Associates to learn about cosmetic dental bonding

If you believe that cosmetic dental bonding and contouring may be right for you, call Cosmetic Dental Associates in Houston, TX to schedule an appointment. Dr. Spiker Davis and Dr. Matt Guerre can help you achieve the smile of your dreams with this standalone treatment or as part of a smile makeover.

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