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Can a Smile Makeover Deliver the Smile You've Always Wanted?

They say a smile is worth a thousand words. But what does your smile say about you? Does it portray a sense of confidence or are you embarrassed when it comes to smiling back at others? At Cosmetic Dental Associates in Houston, TX, we think all men and women should have a smile that makes them feel confident, attractive, and great about themselves. Dr. Spiker Davis and Dr. Matt Guerre routinely perform smile makeovers with advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments to repair a wide range of smile flaws, from tooth discoloration to misshapen teeth. Life is too short to have a smile you don’t love. If you have concerns over the appearance of your smile, read on to learn how a smile makeover may be just the solution you need to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of a Smile Makeover

• Whiten stained or off-colored teeth

• Hide defects in tooth enamel

• Fills spaces between teeth

• Straighten crooked or crowded teeth

• Conceal chips or other smile blemishes

• Lengthen teeth that appear short

• Reshape irregular teeth

• Create a more balanced grin

• Enjoy a younger-looking smile

• Look and feel more confident

Smile Makeover: A Custom Solution for Attaining Your Dream Smile

What is exactly is a smile makeover? Incorporating a customized approach into cosmetic dental care, a smile makeover is one or more procedures performed to enhance the quality and beauty of the smile zone, or the portion of the mouth that’s visible when you smile. The aesthetic dentistry procedures selected work together to repair smile blemishes and imperfections in the teeth and gums. A smile makeover can enhance the color, shape, and size of the teeth, creating a balanced, beautiful, and confident smile of which you can be proud to show off.

Cosmetic Dental Care Options for Creating a Picture-Perfect Smile

Our dentists at Cosmetic Dental Associates are highly distinguished within the Houston, TX community and have advanced training in aesthetic dentistry. We understand the impact a beautiful smile can have on our patients’ lives and are pleased to offer some of the most effective cosmetic dental care options available today, which include:

Composite Bonding

Used to enhance the shape of front teeth, composite bonding is tooth-colored resin material that we add to the surfaces of the teeth for improved cosmetic appeal. Bonding can be applied to any surface of a tooth to repair chips and discoloration, increase the length, or close small spaces between teeth for a more balanced smile.

Dental Veneers

Dental are thin restorations custom-made of high-grade materials that fit over the front portions of the teeth. Many men and women in Houston, TX choose dental veneers to mask the look of stained, irregular, fractured, short, and slightly crooked or gapped teeth for an instantly wider, brighter, and straighter appearance to the smile. Veneers are typically made of porcelain, ceramic, or composite resin materials.

Teeth Whitening

As a simple aesthetic dentistry procedure performed to dramatically enhance the smile, professional teeth whitening can whiten and brighten the smile in as little as a single dental visit. Teeth whitening can lift away years of tooth stain caused by tea, red wine, coffee, tobacco, age, and other factors. Our modern Houston, TX practice is pleased to offer in-office teeth whitening treatments along with at-home whitening options to meet the varying needs of our patients.

Laser Gum Sculpting

The look of a “gummy smile” (when too much gum tissue covers the teeth) can often be resolved with laser gum sculpting treatment. With this minimally invasive approach, our team uses an advanced soft tissue laser to gently remove excess gum tissue covering the teeth. Results from this procedure eliminate the look of short teeth and leave behind a wider, more proportionate smile.

Invisalign® Orthodontics

Invisalign orthodontic treatment allows patients to fix several types of tooth misalignment issues with a highly discreet approach. Clear aligners are used to incrementally guide the teeth to proper locations for a straighter, healthier smile result. Invisalign is often a great option for adults who want or need orthodontic care, but would prefer not to wear metal braces.

Why Wait? Get Started on Your Smile Makeover Today!

A smile makeover can transform your cosmetic flaws into an attractive, confident smile that demands attention. Whatever your aesthetic concerns might be, our talented dentists are ready to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Smile makeover treatment plans are customized to meet individual needs and can deliver incredible results when performed at the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Davis and Dr. Guerre. If you’re embarrassed by your smile or living with a smile you don’t love, there’s never been a better time than right now to learn about your cosmetic dental care options. Get in touch with Cosmetic Dental Associates in Houston, TX today and schedule your smile consultation with our friendly team.

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