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8 Ways a Cosmetic Dentist Can Brighten, Refresh, and Enhance Your Smile

How do you feel about your smile? Are there minor features surrounding the appearance of your teeth or gums that you would like to change or do you avoid smiling altogether out of embarrassment? Whatever your smile concerns may be, a cosmetic dentist in Houston, TX can help transform your appearance into one of confidence, beauty, and youthful vibrancy. Cosmetic dentistry includes a wide range of dental procedures that work to enhance the attractiveness and aesthetic appeal of the smile in a multitude of ways. If you are looking to refresh and revitalize the look of your grin, a consultation with Dr. Matt Guerre or Dr. Spiker Davis of Cosmetic Dental Associates is a great way to begin the smile transformation process.

Go Beyond the Beauty of the Smile

A beautiful smile that radiates confidence does more than just enhance self-esteem and make you look more youthful — having dental issues in your smile repaired may also improve your overall oral health. Many cosmetic dentistry procedures offer benefits that go beyond aesthetics and improve oral health conditions by restoring teeth that are damaged, misaligned, or otherwise affected in some way. This can help to support better oral function, which further ties into creating a smile that is confident and beautiful. Read on to learn how partnering with Cosmetic Dental Associates for your treatment needs can help you enjoy the lasting results of a beautiful, bright smile.

Dental Problems That Affect the Look of the Smile

What type of concerns to you have about your smile? Do you notice a dull or yellow appearance to your tooth enamel or have uneven biting edges kept you from looking your very best? A number of smile concerns may have you turning to an experienced cosmetic dentist, in Houston, TX to help you overcome such aesthetic worries. Some of the most common dental issues that impact smile appearance include:

• Yellow or stained teeth

• Crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth

• Short, uneven, or narrow teeth

• Fractured, chipped, or worn teeth

• Misshapen or small teeth

• Gummy smile appearance

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Enhance Your Smile?

At Cosmetic Dental Associates in Houston, TX, talented cosmetic dentists Dr. Guerre and Dr. Davis are pleased to offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options to brighten, refresh, and enhance your smile. A number of the procedures that our team performs simultaneously improve oral health while also creating the look of a brilliant, more youthful grin. Cosmetic dentistry treatment plans may include one or a collection of procedures that work toward the end goal of boosting aesthetic appeal. The eight most common procedures our cosmetic dentists use to enhance the smile include:

1. Composite Bonding: This fast, simple technique easily repairs minor chips, discoloration, and gaps between teeth by adding composite resin that blends naturally with the color of tooth enamel.

2. Porcelain Veneers: High-quality porcelain veneers are thin restorations that cover the front surfaces of the teeth to effectively mask the look of misshapen, short, stained, chipped, uneven, or slightly gapped teeth. A small amount of enamel is removed to allow for these veneers to fit evenly within the smile.

3. No-Prep Veneers: Similar in fashion to porcelain veneers, no-grind veneers are ultra-thin restorations that also fit over the front surfaces of teeth for luminous smile results. However, this approach to veneer placement does not require the need for reduction of tooth enamel.

4. In-office Teeth Whitening: When teeth are stained, dull, or yellow, in-office teeth whitening may be just the procedure needed to brighten the look of the smile. Our Zoom! WhiteSpeed system can whiten tooth enamel up to eight shades within one convenient trip to our practice.

5. Home Teeth Whitening: Is whitening your teeth on your own time, from the comfort of home, more your speed? Our home whitening kits combine custom-fit mouth trays and a professional-grade whitening gel to gradually bring a more brilliant appeal to your smile.

6. Laser Gum Sculpting: Having excess, overgrown, or simply too much gum tissue framing your tooth structure can create the look of a gummy smile and short teeth. Laser gum sculpting gently removes a small portion of the gums, exposing more of the tooth enamel, to bring a proportionate look to the smile zone.

7. Invisalign® Orthodontics: How would you like to straighten misaligned, crowded, or crooked teeth to improve your oral function while enhancing the cosmetic appeal of your smile? Invisalign uses clear aligners trays to let you undergo orthodontic care in the most discreet way.

8. Smile Makeover: If you have several smile concerns, a smile makeover may be the solution you need to achieve the results you desire. This approach takes into consideration all of your cosmetic goals and oral health needs to comprehensively deliver your best smile yet.

Determine if Cosmetic Dentistry Is Right for Your Grin

A beautiful, radiant smile can make you feel more confident, youthful, and ready to take on the world. Whether you need minor tweaks to enhance your grin or more involved treatments to totally makeover your smile, our cosmetic dentists in Houston, TX are ready to help. If you would like to learn more about your options for transforming your grin with cosmetic dentistry, we invite you to contact our friendly team at Cosmetic Dental Associates to reserve your smile design consultation.

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